Ecological Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring
  • Quantitative vegetation description and monitoring
  • Conservation planning
  • Soil sampling and nutrient analysis
  • Jurisdictional wetland delineation
  • Watershed assessment and monitoring
Proper Functioning Condition (PFC)
Assessment in lentic and lotic systems
Multiple Indicator Monitoring (MIM)
Implementation and monitoring
  • Special-status species surveys and habitat suitability assessment
  • Fish and wildlife population surveys and habitat assessment
  • Water quality monitoring (biotic and abiotic)

Geographical Information Systems
  • Vegetation and habitat mapping
  • Remote sensing image analysis
  • Multi-resource spatial analysis and modeling
  • General map preparation

Data Management and Report Preparation
  • Data entry, manipulation, and quality assurance
  • Statistical analysis
  • Technical report preparation
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation

Nature's Capital
Ecological Assessment Services